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Team JaS traveled to the mecca of triathlon in August to train with some of the best amateur triathletes in the country. Our lungs were challenged by the hypoxic swimming, our hearts were inspired by the majestic Rockies at 10,000+ feet on the bike and our minds were broadened from the wisdom of Newton Running's founder Danny Abshire.


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After six years of failed attempts, Mark Allen rose to the top of the triathlon world by beating Dave Scott on his seventh trip to the big island and was victorious by a mere 58 seconds...a small amount of time on a very long day. He then went on to win another five times at the world's most difficult one-day endurance event: the Hawaii Ironman. Now, the multi-time world champion is imparting his knowledge in a collection of tips entitled the 58-Second Series...small nuggets of invaluable wisom in a sea of information.





Everything from dropped elbows to not rotating from the hips can be corrected with this great swim drill. Try it in your next swim workout and see for yourself how it can improve your freestyle.



This tip will help you to keep your swim muscles activated if you are traveling and cannot get to a pool, or anytime when you find yourself unable to find the time to get in a swim workout.





Learn one of the best ever bike drills to help you improve your cycling from MarkAllenOnline.



Getting aero on the bike is not just about being low and stretched out. A great aero position has to be one that you can maintain for the full length of your race. This tip will help you to get into that perfect position.



Minute for minute, this one hour workout is the best you can do on a stationary trainer for improving your overall cycling fitness.





Overstriding is the most common mistake people make when running. This simple drill will help you have the correct stride and foot placement in a matter of minutes.



A great track workout for running does not have to be complicated. This simple workout is one of the best you can ever long as you do it fast!





Most people don't think about this secret for getting their wetsuit off quickly. Check it out.



Learn this simple tip to save you valuable time in transition from bike to run.



Transitions are critical for saving time in a triathlon, and planning out your transition is the key to doing this fast. Here is a great way to approach your transition onto the run.



Nutrition & Stretching


One of the toughest elements to get correct in a long endurance race like a triathlon is your nutrition. What may work in training can fail you miserably in a race. This video explains why and gives a solution to this tricky race issue.



There are many ways to gain flexibility. This one works the way your muscles become flexible naturally when you exercise. It seems too simple to work! So before you do it, test to see how flexible you are. Then try the tip and see the improvement.



Enjoy the ride!

- Team JaS



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